You won’t find any pre-packaged foods when you are looking for something to eat at the Crown Complex. Everything we serve at our recently renovated concession stands is prepared fresh, providing you a concession stand experience unlike any other.

Market Place Burger

The newly branded Market Place Burger offers a variety of fresh options and has become a staple on the Crown Coliseum concourse. Built to ensure that everything served is of the highest grade, Market Place Burger features oversized angus beef burgers, turkey burgers, gluten-free and vegetarian options. All meat is purchased fresh from a local butcher. 

Liberty BBQ

Liberty BBQ provides patrons with authentic southern BBQ pork and brisket, smoked in the stand on the night of an event. 

Carolina Chicken

Looking for a traditional southern meal while visiting the Crown Coliseum? Carolina Chicken offers a variety of options such as a buffalo chicken sandwhich with blue cheese coleslaw and  the southern style fried chicken sandwhich served with pickles.  

Papa Johns

The Crown Complex is proud to partner with Papa Johns to provide pizza to our patrons.

A variety of other food vendors including Mini-Donuts and Ice Cream Mini Melts are also available on the concourse.

Based on the type of event and stage set up, not all selections may be available for every event.