Fayetteville Mustangs

To be located at the THE CROWN COLISEUM: The Fayetteville Mustangs is owned by Dr. Robert Twaddell who also owns A Healthy Back. Dr. Twaddell, a chiropractor, has been a member of this chamber for many years. When he formed the in-door foot ball team, his team also joined the chamber as an affiliate of his practice. The Fayetteville Mustangs is an Indoor American football game, or arena football, which is a variation of gridiron football played at ice hockey-sized indoor arenas. While varying in details from league to league, the rules of indoor football are designed to allow for play in a smaller arenas. It is distinct from traditional American or Canadian football played in larger domed or open-air stadiums, although several early college football games contested on full-sized or nearly full-sized fields at Chicago Coliseum (1890s) and Atlantic City Convention Center (1930s and 1960s) this helped to show that football could be played as an indoor game.